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ATLAS - Metal Halide Towers
Metal halide towers
The reliable metal halide solution with robust canopies, make them suitable for tough environments.

ATLAS - Metal Halide HiLight H4

Metal halide HiLight H4

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ATLAS - Metal Halide HiLight V4

Metal halide HiLight V4

Maximum protection thanks to the legendary HardHat canopy

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ATLAS - Metal Halide Light Tower V4W

V4W Metal Halide light tower

Best performance at high altitudes and in the most extreme environments.

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ATLAS - E2 Light Tower

E2 light tower

Plug. Light. Work.

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ATLAS - V2 Light Tower

V2 light tower

Robust steele frame

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ATLAS - P2 + HiLight

P2 + HiLight

Plug and light solution for all your events

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